Embedded Software Engineer

Are you looking for an embedded software engineer for your next project?

As end-user demands drive the need for development of more intelligent and interconnected products, embedded software is increasingly called upon to enable innovation and flexibility. The growing importance of embedded software as a differentiator, combined with increasing product complexity and frequent release cycles, creates many challenges for companies.

At Pebble Bay, our embedded software engineers are dedicated to developing the most efficient and reliable custom-designed software for our customers.

Expertise from our embedded engineers

If you are looking to partner with an embedded engineer, we offer a range of embedded development services to turn your design into a fully functional system. By taking advantage of our specialist expertise in hardware and software interfacing, your engineers can concentrate their efforts on higher-level, application-specific software to make your product unique.

With more than 30 years of experience developing solutions, we understand the technical and business issues at the core of your system and can develop embedded software to run reliably and with high performance on your chosen hardware.

We are best suited to the development of your embedded software. Our expertise as embedded engineers, proven process and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability and speed of delivery to our customers.

Need help from an experienced embedded software engineer?

Our Embedded Capabilities

Operating Systems

  • Vx Works

  • LynxOS


  • Nucleus

  • QNX

  • Linux

  • ThreadX

  • Windows CE

  • Bare metal

I/O Technologies

  • USB

  • Serial Drivers

  • Networking



  • sRIO

  • l2C

  • SPI

  • SCSI


  • PowerPC

  • ARM Cortex

  • MIPS

  • Coldfire

Development Tools

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Green Hills MULTI

  • Wind River Workbench

  • QNX Momentics

  • ARM Real View

Looking for an embedded software engineer for your next project?

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