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Military and aerospace system suppliers face numerous challenges keeping up with the technology requirements of the modern battlefield. The need for advanced operational capabilities is set against a backdrop of economic constraints, escalating costs of more complex products and fierce competition amongst defence contractors. The military and aerospace sector needs embedded solutions providing low power, superior performance and capability, increased longevity and reliability, improved ruggedness and acceptable cost.

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Our military & aerospace expertise


Our embedded software for military and aerospace expertise includes commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, single-board computers, programmable logic, boot loaders, kernels, real-time operating systems, device drivers, and communication and bus protocols.

We are experienced in working within the constraints of military contracts and budgets. We have expertise in upgrading existing solutions and developing new solutions that have been deployed within specific time frames to meet the exacting requirements of military technology initiatives. We have provided to our large customer base key services and components critical to the success of projects reliant on complex embedded systems, including:

  • DO-178B level A unit testing for remote-controlled vehicle control system
  • Def Stan 00-82 video streaming demonstrator
  • 32-bit and 64-bit RTOS BSP development for high-end single-board computers
  • RTOS BSP development for FPGA-embedded processors
  • High-performance Linux DMA driver development for sonar application


With a strong process-orientated approach and the flexibility to adopt customer-defined development processes, our capabilities include the development of embedded software and the design of embedded hardware systems, with a focus on custom hardware bring-up, RTOS BSP and device driver development and protocol/middleware porting.

Operational and service excellence

We encourage customers to provide feedback on our performance during and after projects. As a result, we adapt our processes to maintain and improve our record of on-time and within-budget completion, high-quality deliverables and effective project management.

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