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Set against a backdrop of rapid technological change, today’s industrial companies face more challenges then ever before. Whilst manufacturers are under constant pressure to innovate and meet customer demands for new products with more advanced features at lower cost, industrial control and process automation equipment can all too soon become inefficient and redundant.

To meet these challenges, companies must develop systems that allow them to adapt faster, more flexibly and with greater cost-effectiveness.

The industrial automation market needs embedded solutions providing high and lasting system reliability, software portability, power efficiency, easy maintenance and solid integration with whole factory automation systems.

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Our industrial automation expertise


Our embedded software for industrial automation expertise includes micro-controllers, systems-on-chip, programmable logic, boot loaders, kernels, real-time operating systems, device drivers, communication and bus protocols.

Embedded solutions include:

  • System (hardware and software) development for PLC-like control unit/comms gateway for utility and rail industries
  • RTOS BSP development for custom-designed hardware
  • Power-on self-test and firmware upgrade mechanism development
  • Open source database integration and testing
  • High-performance Linux DMA driver development for digital video processing application


With a strong process-orientated approach and a low defect rate in deliverables, our capabilities include the development of embedded software and the design of embedded hardware systems.  Our focus is on custom hardware bring-up, RTOS BSP and device driver development and protocol/middleware porting.

We have the capability to provide both embedded software and hardware solutions and offer a single-source solution for your requirement. Our commitment to the industrial automation sector and unique positioning with leading semiconductor vendors and hardware design companies enable us meet the complex needs of our customers in the industry.

Operational and service excellence

We encourage customers to provide feedback on our performance during and after projects. As a result, we adapt our processes to maintain and improve our record of on-time and within-budget completion, high-quality deliverables and effective project management.

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