Embedded Software Services

Enabling next-generation innovation

Embedded software services drive the transformative technology behind innovations in device intelligence, performance and connectivity.

New technologies emerging across all sectors and areas of life – military, healthcare, transportation, fitness and lifestyle – are a direct result of advancements in embedded software.

A key challenge of embedded software is that technology and manufacturing are moving and diversifying at an unprecedented pace, fuelled largely by increasing end-user expectation and high levels of market competition. It’s growing exponentially in both volume terms and in criticality of purpose.

The need among OEMs is for better products to be manufactured, at a faster rate and at a lower cost – without losing sight of the need for precision and quality in the underlying software development process.

With seemingly limitless potential applications for embedded software, the challenge for embedded software developers is making the idea a reality when faced with practical limitations and constraints inherent in the embedded software development process.

Your choice of embedded developers will be critical to the success of your embedded software requirement.

Our embedded software services expertise

As highly experienced developers of embedded systems and IoT solutions, Pebble Bay has a track record of meeting the demand for reliable, secure, and readily manageable embedded software solutions, delivered quickly and at reduced cost.

We offer an end-to-end embedded capability, encompassing phases for build, connection and management. Our software development capabilities include real-time embedded code development, high and low level languages, autocode and algorithm development.

Real-time embedded software performance is often stalled by a lack of development experience, poor methodology or attention to detail. Embedded software development requires indepth knowledge of the operating system employed and the software constructs available.

Whether your requirement is for customised embedded solutions, proprietary design or off-the-shelf alternatives, we offer a range of embedded software services to turn your design into a fully functional system.

We have worked with Pebble Bay and in all cases we have found the standard of work extremely high, without failure and delivered on time, complete with full support documentation.
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Pebble Bay developed an outstanding quality QNX Gigabit Ethernet driver with PTP support for us. The project was completed on schedule and within budget and overall we were very happy.
Totally professional and extremely high quality results. A pleasure to work with, delivering what they promise, when they promise.

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Embedded Software Services FAQs

How do our embedded software services enable an effective route to market?

At Pebble Bay, we offer a range of embedded software services to turn your design into a fully functional system:

  • Developing new products: initial feasibility study informing Statement of Work for development of an embedded system that meets project requirements. This encompasses embedded software architecture, modeling, design, engineering, systems development, release and development.
  • Adapting new products: embedded software services such as porting, system redevelopment and enhancement and adaptation to innovations and changes in requirements for reliability and performance.
  • Product upkeep: enhancements across the device lifecycle, including maintenance activity and releases, tracking and fixing bugs and improving functionality or performance.
  • Testing: design and implementation of appropriate test plans – automation and scripting – encompassing critical functions and features such as security, safety, compatibility, interoperability and compliance.

We help product developers and manufacturers tap into the value and potential of new and enhanced technologies via iteration on an existing custom design, size or shape, high volume production, or to meet stringent technical requirements. More than highly technical embedded software developers, we are problem solvers, trouble-shooters and project managers. We understand the business drivers underpinning the embedded software requirement.

Beyond a functioning embedded software output are commercial imperatives to reduce the cost, time, drain and complexities of the development process.

By taking advantage of our specialist expertise in hardware and software interfacing, your engineers can concentrate their efforts on higher-level, application-specific software to make your product unique.

Whether the device is aimed at leveraging data, innovating services, improving productivity and efficiency or solving critical problems, we deliver next-generation embedded software solutions that help overcome the business challenges of taking your product to market reliably and safely.

What are the main challenges currently facing embedded software development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is presenting opportunities for innovation across industry sectors. By connecting devices continuously and in real-time, and by enabling new functionalities, embedded software has made itself the foundation of the IoT.

The growing importance of embedded software as a differentiator and IoT-enabler, combined with increasing product complexity and frequent release cycles, does however create many challenges for OEMs.

For businesses to capitalise on the rapidly growing and fast-changing IoT market, risks around cost, time to market, scalability, interoperability and security must all be mitigated. These are in addition to the old barriers to market entry – costs, complexity, and time-to-deployment. Getting the balance wrong risks failures, recalls and reputational harm.

IoT development has however moved on from an early focus on customisation. This impacts both upfront development, ongoing maintenance costs and the length of development projects.

It is project-critical at the outset to scope out these constraints, in the context of the defined project output.

Quality has to be built in at the beginning of the software development process and maintained when it comes to ensuring the in-field lifecycle of embedded devices.

Efficient use of testing, running concurrent to the development phase, can bring time and cost-saving efficiencies across the project lifecycle as a whole, mitigating end-product issues safely.

Testing strategies such as automated software testing and running on simulation enable targeting and resolution of quality and performance issues early enough to be reworked and retested without disproportionate drain on project timescales.

We take an agile yet robust approach to implementing testing methodologies, in terms of both systems and unit level tests, that run in parallel to the development phase, positively influencing project lead times.

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