Embedded System Engineer

Are you looking for an embedded system engineer for your next project?

Embedded systems often include custom-designed hardware and software, which need to be developed in parallel. When developing a new or unique product or device, the integration of hardware, software, and programmable logic needs to be refined.

For companies choosing an embedded system engineer, it is crucial that the team they select take a specialist and experienced approach to development, and bring in-depth knowledge, practical experience and project management skills.

At Pebble Bay, we are dedicated to developing the most efficient and reliable custom-designed software for our customers.

Specialist embedded system engineers

Working with our hardware design partners, we act as a single point of supply for complete embedded system development. This often includes designs based on simple microcontrollers running “bare metal” software, through to 32-bit and 64-bit processors running real-time operating systems with extensive middleware and programmable logic.

Depending on your needs, we can deliver pre-integrated hardware and software platforms complete with device drivers, or a turn-key system with application software.

With more than 30 years of experience as embedded system engineers, we understand the technical and business issues at the core of your system and can develop embedded software to run reliably and with high performance on your chosen hardware.

If you are looking for support from an experienced embedded system engineer, we are best suited to the development of your embedded software. Our expertise, proven process and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability and speed of delivery to our customers.

Need help from an experienced embedded system engineer?

Our Embedded Capabilities

Operating Systems

  • Vx Works

  • LynxOS


  • Nucleus

  • QNX

  • Linux

  • ThreadX

  • Windows CE

  • Bare metal

I/O Technologies

  • USB

  • Serial Drivers

  • Networking



  • sRIO

  • l2C

  • SPI

  • SCSI


  • PowerPC

  • ARM Cortex

  • MIPS

  • Coldfire

Development Tools

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Green Hills MULTI

  • Wind River Workbench

  • QNX Momentics

  • ARM Real View

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