Embedded Systems Consulting

Specialist embedded systems consulting for your next development project

When developing an embedded system there are a number of important front-end decisions to make that can have a critical impact on the success of the project.

For companies thinking about outsourcing or choosing embedded systems consulting, it is crucial that the embedded consultants they select take a specialist and experienced approach to development. Effective embedded systems consulting will be based on in-depth knowledge, practical experience and project management skills.

Embedded systems consulting expertise

Pebble Bay specialises in embedded systems consulting including firmware process and architecture guidance. We often deliver our consulting services to a range of internal company executives including engineering directors, product designers, technical managers and their respective teams.

Our embedded systems consultants can help you make key decisions about processor selection, RTOS selection, development tool selection, hardware/software partitioning and which development processes to adopt.

Pebble Bay has more than 30 years of experience developing embedded systems. We understand the technical and business issues at the core of your needs. All the advice we provide is completely independent and unbiased and you can be rest assured that the tools or techniques we advise will benefit your project.

We are best suited to delivering your embedded systems consulting. Our embedded systems consulting expertise, proven process and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability and speed of delivery to our customers.

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Our Embedded Capabilities

Operating Systems

  • Vx Works

  • LynxOS


  • Nucleus

  • QNX

  • Linux

  • ThreadX

  • Windows CE

  • Bare metal

I/O Technologies

  • USB

  • Serial Drivers

  • Networking



  • sRIO

  • l2C

  • SPI

  • SCSI


  • PowerPC

  • ARM Cortex

  • MIPS

  • Coldfire

Development Tools

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Green Hills MULTI

  • Wind River Workbench

  • QNX Momentics

  • ARM Real View

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