John Efstathiades

Technical Director
+44 (0)1926 421 700

John is a very experienced consultant and software engineer specialising in the development of real-time and embedded software, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality software and services to customers. He works as an individual consultant, project manager or part of a larger development team, and frequently liaises with senior management and decision makers to understand business needs and to ensure projects are completed to our customers satisfaction.

After attaining his Joint Honours BSc in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from Aston University in 1989, John worked for several years as a member of embedded software development teams for companies in the defence and telecommunication industry. In 1995 John joined Real-Time Products (RTP), an RTOS distributor and consultancy company, as a senior consultant where he carried out several major projects including development of a V5 protocol stack for a major telecommunication equipment company.

John joined Wind River”s UK services team in 2001 and during his five-year stay with Wind River became Engineering Development Manager for the UK and Nordic regions. During this time John also delivered a wide range of consulting, training and engineering projects to Wind River”s customers in the UK and Europe, primarily based on Wind River”s VxWorks RTOS.  One of these projects involved prototyping and developing a bespoke low-latency, high-throughput USB host stack for use in a Formula 1 racing car.

Also a co-founder of Pebble Bay, John continues to deliver high-quality consultancy and software development projects, now using a wider range of technologies including Linux, VxWorks and other commercial RTOSs. John has successfully managed major development projects for a wide range of customers in industries including defence and office equipment.

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Operating Systems

  • Vx Works

  • LynxOS


  • Nucleus

  • QNX

  • Linux

  • ThreadX

  • Windows CE

  • Bare metal

I/O Technologies

  • USB

  • Serial Drivers

  • Networking



  • sRIO

  • l2C

  • SPI

  • SCSI


  • PowerPC

  • ARM Cortex

  • MIPS

  • Coldfire

Development Tools

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Green Hills MULTI

  • Wind River Workbench

  • QNX Momentics

  • ARM Real View

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