VxWorks Device Driver Development for Adlink

Adlink have called on Pebble Bay to develop a specialised VxWorks device driver for their Board Support Package for the Express-IBE2 microprocessor board on behalf of a military customer, when their own teams were too busy on main product line development.

Within a matter of days Pebble Bay, in partnership with Hitex, were able to provide Adlink with the completed, tested driver to allow Adlink to meet the customer’s needs on both budget and timescales.

This enabled Adlink to fulfil their customer’s needs for an integrated microprocessor system, winning business for them and further strengthening the relationship between all the parties involved. “By enabling us to come back to our customer with this solution, Hitex and Pebble Bay have really helped us hit our own internal goals while still meeting customer needs,” commented Markus Grebing, Software Director for Adlink’s Modular Computing Product Segment (MCPS). “This collaboration brings home the importance of strategic partnerships, and when they can flow in multiple directions, this really cements the relationships and proves their worth and standing.”

“We see this as the natural expansion of a highly productive partnership,” said Richard Gledhill, Hitex Design Manager. “We already have an enviable track record of being the leading technical partner for embedded systems in the UK, and working together with Pebble Bay, we are now able to provide Adlink with a customer-focused hardware and software development service which is second to none.”