VxWorks 7 – Our view

2018-07-02T11:05:37+01:00June 9, 2014|News|

A new version of Wind River’s VxWorks real time operating system has been launched to help manufacturers of embedded devices take advantage of the unique opportunities posed by the ‘Internet of Things’.

Pebble Bay, Hitex UK and MCG Embedded Announce Worldwide Cooperation with ADLINK Technology for Android Development

2018-07-02T13:40:43+01:00September 20, 2013|News|

Building on the recent announcement of a closer working partnership between Hitex UK Ltd., Pebble Bay Consulting Ltd. and LiPPERT ADLINK Technology GmbH for Linux device driver development, we are proud to announce that, in conjunction with MCG Embedded Systems Ltd., the partnership has now been extended so that Hitex UK, Pebble Bay and MCG Embedded are now official worldwide Android development partners for LiPPERT ADLINK Technology GmbH.

VxWorks Device Driver Development for Adlink

2018-07-02T13:41:10+01:00August 20, 2013|News|

Adlink have called on Pebble Bay to develop a specialised VxWorks device driver for their Board Support Package for the Express-IBE2 microprocessor board on behalf of a military customer, when their own teams were too busy on main product line development.

Pebble Bay chosen as ARM partner of the month

2018-07-02T13:45:09+01:00October 20, 2012|News|

Pebble Bay, a world leader in embedded software development, is pleased to be the profiled ARM partner on IQ Magazine online this month. IQ Magazine is a comprehensive design magazine for developers using the ARM architecture.

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