Pebble Bay receives acclaim as Freescale Design Alliance Partner

Embedded systems development consultancy Pebble Bay is celebrating the success of completing two new Freescale-based development projects.

Pebble Bay is a member of the Freescale Design Alliance Program, a program that brings together knowledge and capabilities relating to Freescale’s range of microprocessors. As a result of this membership, Freescale was able to refer two significant European customers to Pebble Bay, to assist with major development projects.

Both projects have been based on processors from Freescale’s QorIQ family, running Linux and a commercial real-time operating system. Pebble Bay provided consulting services and software development services to both customers, helping to reducing risk and shorten project timescales.

“We are very pleased to have Pebble Bay as a Design Alliance Partner,” said Franck Roux of Freescale “We can confidently refer our customers to Pebble Bay knowing that their experience, knowledge and professional approach will assist our customers in getting to market on time and with an excellent solution.”

Pebble Bay’s managing director, Ian Willats, said: “These recent projects continue a long history of working with real-time operating systems, device drivers and application programs on Freescale hardware, and their successful completion demonstrates our expertise in this area.  We value our membership in the Freescale Design Alliance Program very highly and are delighted to be able to help Freescale customers outside the UK.”

UK based Pebble Bay is a business that helps technology companies build and improve all kinds of products based on microprocessors. Since the company launch over five years ago, Pebble Bay has become a respected leader in the development of board support packages and hardware/software interfacing. With extensive knowledge and experience of a broad range of RTOS’s, Linux and Windows based OS’s and a thorough understanding of microprocessor-based hardware, the Pebble Bay team has become a valuable resource to the worldwide embedded systems industry.

The Design Alliance Program (DAP) has been developed so that Freescale and their solution ecosystem can help engineers meet their design goals. The DAP has over 450 third party members with varying experiences in product and application creation, helping to get products to market by assisting at various phases of the design process, from concept to finished product.