Video-over-ethernet embedded software technology

Since 2005 we have provided embedded software solutions for a range of industry sectors including military and aerospace, industrial automation and telecommunications. From embedded software and system development, to software porting and software optimisation, we can satisfy most requirements.

The following project showcases part of our extensive capabilities:

Customer need

Prototype system to demonstrate capability to stream video over Ethernet to military customer.

Video streaming was to use Def Stan 00-82 raw video with SAP, SDP and RTP.

Video was to be streamed to a PC where it would be displayed. System was to be configured and controlled by an SNMP manager.

Hardware chosen by client, based on an off-the-shelf evaluation board with a TI DaVinci (ARM9-based) processor.

The challenge

Very tight timescales to meet fixed date for client demonstration.

High performance targets: raw video used a high proportion of available Ethernet bandwidth.

Capabilities and quality of open-source software were initially unknown.

Our solution

Evaluated alternative approaches to developing software, including “bare metal” implementation and use of open-source software.

Selected open source approach as providing the best balance of risk and effort.

Used TI’s Linux distribution as the starting point, supplemented b y several other open-source software packages.

Modified open-source software to suit the application – for example, added support for Def Stan 00-82 raw video to the FFmpeg video streamer application.

Optimised open-source software to increase bandwidth and reduce latency of video stream.

The outcome

Prototype was delivered to client on schedule.

Performance targets were met or exceeded.