Embedded software documentation

Since 2005 we have provided embedded software solutions for a range of industry sectors including military and aerospace, industrial automation and telecommunications. From embedded software and system development, to software porting and software optimisation, we can satisfy most requirements.

The following project showcases part of our extensive capabilities:

Customer need

Client has a large base of software, based on proprietary technology, which is hard for engineers to assimilate and understand.

Need a flexible system allowing engineers to document the software design and implementation in a semi-formal way.

Documentation must be accessible via a web browser. Documentation must be structured to support easy navigation and extension.

Documentation must integrate with source code in software configuration management system.

The challenge

Disparate nature of existing documentation.

Need for flexibility to support future extension and evolution in parallel with software being documented.

Several client “stake-holders” with different needs.

Our solution

Discussed client requirements in detail.

Identified shortcomings of existing on-line documentation.

Prototyped software documentation framework based on open-source MediaWiki with plug-ins and customisation to suit the application.

Demonstrated prototype at client site, collated comments/suggestions from stake-holders.

Refined and extended prototype in response to feedback from client.

The outcome

Original documentation framework used successfully by original client.

Documentation framework has been adapted subsequently for use by other clients.