Pebble Bay Joins National Microelectronics Institute

Leading UK embedded software development consultancy, Pebble Bay, have announced that they have joined the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI), a trade association representing the semiconductor industry in the UK and Ireland. The NMI’s objective is to help build and support a strong micro and nano-electronics community by acting as a catalyst and facilitator for both commercial and technological development.

Pebble Bay assists technology companies in the development and optimisation of microprocessor based systems (embedded systems). Pebble Bay are experts in software/hardware integration and also in the adoption of new technologies. Working with companies across the world, Pebble Bay has established itself as a leading consultancy in this field.

“We are excited to be able to get involved with such a strong group of like-minded colleagues and organizations”, says Ian Willats, Managing Director of Pebble Bay and embedded systems engineer. “This is a fantastic way for UK industry to really ensure best practice is applied in all areas, and in encouraging these bonds across organizations, we can only help to boost not only the embedded sector but also the UK economy as a whole.”

As a member of the NMI, Pebble Bay will be actively involved with the various embedded-specific events which the Institute hosts throughout the year, and will be able to utilize this communication channel to connect with new areas of industry and technology.

“The UK has a formidable electronics and computing heritage,” said Derek Boyd, CEO of The NMI. “Today we continue to punch above our weight on an international stage and it is vital for our long term performance that companies, both large and small, find novel ways in which to work together so that we can continue to be world leading. I therefore speak on behalf of the NMI team when I say that we are delighted to welcome Pebble Bay Consulting to the growing NMI community and look forward to its future participation in our many activities and networks.”

Pebble Bay has recently announced its availability to undertake USB 3.0 development work for companies looking to exploit this latest high-speed, high performance communication format. Building on the ease of use of USB 2.0, a key feature of USB 3.0 is a SuperSpeed performance of 5 Gbps; ideal for high definition video, medical devices, automotive systems and a wide range of other data intensive applications.