VxWorks BSP development for military hardware

Since 2005 we have provided embedded software solutions for a range of industry sectors including military and aerospace, industrial automation and telecommunications. From embedded software and system development, to software porting and software optimisation, we can satisfy most requirements.

The following project showcases part of our extensive capabilities:

Customer need

Custom-designed controller board for safety-critical military application, based on dual Freescale MPC8349 processors.

Required VxWorks Board Support Package and device drivers.

The challenge

Tight timescales.

Limited availability of target hardware meant that it could only be worked on at client site.

Hardware design anomalies meant that standard algorithms for programming on-board flash memory could not be used.

Our solution

Developed VxWorks Board Support Package.

Modified standard flash device drivers to work on custom hardware.

Advised client about various aspects of system software design.

The outcome

BSP was completed on schedule and tested successfully at client site.

Hardware anomalies were handled transparently by modified software.

Continuing to advise customer on impact of hardware anomalies for production, etc.